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As easy as we make your catering experience, you may still have some questions. Below are a few things you should consider when planning an event. We welcome you to call us or send us an email if you have any additional questions.

As You Wish Caterers will be able to send you a customized quotes by fax, email, US mail or over the phone.

It's best to let your caterer know right away. A day or two before the event is not the time to call your caterer and ask to switch something significant. By that time, the food is usually all purchased and most caterers rent equipment from other companies. If you wait until a few days before your event you may end up with costly mistakes in the form of penalty charges.

Don't be scared away by all the decision-making involved. A good caterer will guide you through the process, up to the day of the big event. Caterers are in the service business and can provide immeasurable guidance to their clients.

The final guest count is the minimum number of meals you are going to pay for, regardless of whether the guests show up. It's important to give an accurate number. If you think 100 guests are coming, don't try to save money by telling your caterer 95. The last thing you want is to be embarrassed by not having enough food for your guests. It does happen. A good rule of thumb is to figure that 20 percent of those invited will not be able to attend. It is best to require a response from your guests to get the most accurate number. As You Wish Caterers can help you figure the number of guests. A final number of guaranteed guests will be require one to two weeks before the date of your event, depending on the size of the event. This allows us enough time to obtain all the items we need.

Most caterers require a non-refundable deposit to reserve a date. For large events planned far in advance, the caterer may ask fora 50 percent payment midway between the booking and event dates. Final payment is typically due a few days before the event or upon completion. As You Wish Caterers require a deposit of $100 to $500, depending on the size of the party and we require final payment on the day of the event.

It's best to have recommendations from people you know. If you've been at a caterered event, call the host and ask for a catering recommendation. Or you can ask the caterer to provide names and phone numbers of clients who have recently held similar events to the one you are planning. Then call those references and ask how satisfied they were.

Before you call any caterers try to have some idea of what you want your event to be like, what type of meal you want to serve and how much you want to spend. It's enough to be able to tell a caterer that you're thinking about a sit-down dinner for 50 and that you're able to spend $20 to $40 a person, for example.

The very first thing you should ask is whether your date is available. For a wedding or corporate event, you may start planning 18 months in advance, especially if you are looking at the busy months of June, September, October or near a holiday. For a small party in your home, a few weeks should be enough time.